Hi, my name is Gavin.

I’m a Software Engineer with a ITSN background specializing in full stack & web development.

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What I do

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Web Development & Design

Developing and designing web applications & sites are a strong passion of mine. This is simply because no matter the device a website usually just works no matter the browser or who's viewing it.

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Full Stack Development

I'm a Software Engineer so engineering applications that process data to perform complex algorithms is a real passion of mine. From database connections, security protocols, frontend, & backend; I love it all!

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Developer Operations

It's important to not only use software but to also set up a foundation for it to run smoothly. As a Software Engineer it requires a large skill set that ranges from Version Control to Server Infrastructure & Security.

Latest projects

My Trending World | Explore Trending Subjects | ThreeJS & REST API | [Closed]

Laravel & React, Javascript Development

Have you ever wanted to know what other countries were watching? If so come to mytrending.world! This was overall a fun project to help build my skillset. I learned other ways to make secure requests to the Youtube API.

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One-page Personal Website for Blue Skys & Dynamic Clouds

Website Design, Javascript Development

Whenever you are craving for a Bright blue sky with fluffy clouds overhead; come to blusky.page! I made this website overall for fun when I, like many people, was stuck inside due to COVID-19. It's still underdevelopment but works as of now!

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Fun, Colorful, Beautifully Trippy, and Distracting; Works of Code [Closed]

Web Development, Javascript

Just like the last project, this project was made to distract you when bored stuck in the house during COVID-19. Fifty Six different pages to overall distract you from work you should be doing! All of them are built to handle normal browsers like Chrome and Safari.

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Recent Github Repos

About me

My first computer came at the age when I was only fourteen years old. I always had the passion to create works of wonder ever since I was a young boy playing Little Big Planet 2.

My passion blossomed when I got into software development. My first ever project I tried to create a web browser using Visual Basic as a hot plate. From then, to now, I keep my passions of working hard and problem-solving with me where ever I go. I used it to not only help my community raise more than five hundred dollars to build a 5K for my community, but also used it to place second in SkillsUSA 2017 Championship for Iowa.

This passion also helped me do great in my classes with a GPA of 3.67 in Highschool, 3.87 at Southwestern Community College, and Hixson Scholarship at Iowa State University. This passion wasn't only limited to study and helping people, it also helped me land internships at Buildertrend for Software Engineering, RISE for Software Development, and Information Technology and System Networking at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital.

My passion to overall grow my skill-set, work hard, and help people will stay with me for years to come.

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I love good code, photography, hiking, traveling, running, basketball and painting.

"You won't find anyone more hardworking than me." - Gavin Monroe

If you need Resources about me

I have a Google Drive that you can connect to. This will overall bring you to a public drive with any important information and documents like resumes or cover letters that you may need. If you require anything else that may be needed, don't be afraid to connect with me.

Gavin Monroe's Google Drive

Just say hi.

I am always open to discuss work, help improve your career, or just simply talk about software engineering.

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