My skill-set as an engineer is broad and it keeps growing because I love learning.

Work, Research, and Projects by Gavin.


My Time @ Avise Startup

My time at Avise Inc was a challenging and rewarding experience. As part of the platform team, I was given a lot of responsibility and was able to learn and grow a lot in a short amount of time. I was responsible for maintaining and improving the company's core platform, which was used by many of our other teams and products. This included... gif

The Distance Never Made a Difference to Me

The words in this post come from a place that is very deep, and hard to reach. None the less they swim to the top of my mind sometimes. So here they are. gif

Reverse Engineering | JPN Golden Time Vivid Memories | PSX

This project covers all aspects of reverse engineering, project management, and software engineering. Golden Time Vivid Memories is a beloved Japanese PS Vita Visual Novel, not released abroad. This means other countries can't enjoy this beloved title outside of Japan. Leave it up to me, to form a team and try to reverse engineer this game so other people can enjoy it too. gif

Executive Portfolio of Gavin Monroe | 2020

From work to education this is the post you need when finding important career information about Gavin Monroe. Work hard, smart, and most importantly work harder than everyone else in the room. gif

ISU View | Software Engineering | Iowa State University

ISU View was a project with SCRUM and Agile team structure. Making an app that overall allows students at ISU find the fastest routes from building to building. Using in-building routing, bus routing, comments and more. Team of four people, using Java Springboard for backend, and Android Kotlin for frontend. gif

Quick Resume | Software Engineering | Iowa State University

Final Project at Iowa State University for Software Engineering project management class. This included a team of 6 people and took a span of a whole semester creating ideas, refining concepts, and more. gif

In the Majority; Preferences | Self Reflection | Writing

In July 2017, I was asked “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” what this quote meant to me. Still to this day this paper is important to me as it helps me as much as it did then. Maybe it can help you in some way. gif

Maintenance Management | Iowa State University | Web Development

Directory Management System is a web application to overall provide and interface to communicate between the developers and its developers. These projects are made for developers at ISU for developing and maintaining there projects through out 130+ databases and 30+ sites. gif

PDF Signing App | BuilderTrend | Summer 2019 Internship

PDF & Docx Signing App, is a web application developed by three engineers to overall help sign documents online without any of the hassle. Using C# ASP .NET Core for the backend, and React Typescript for the front-end. gif

Blue Skys with Dynamic Clouds & Airplanes Trails |

Dynamic clouds with airplane flying over head gives a peaceful "one page" website that allows people to relax and sit back and watch the blue skies. Each time the page is refreshed everything is random and new each time. gif